Scrabbling by Guto Bussab at Open Streets
Together we can catalyze the emergence of a new economy.

NEA is a platform for nurturing the emergence of a new economy, one that challenges the status quo to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. By building networks, innovating and promoting investments, together we can realise a new economy. An economy that maximises human well-being, and is capable of coping with and adapting to global environmental change.

Our mission is to catalyse this new economy so that it can create new opportunities, through the cultivation of relationships, experimenting and changing the current narrative. To do so we are a platform where actors connect, a community of practices grows and emerging solutions spread. We share stories of innovations on the ground, change the economic narrative and build a critical mass of changemakers. 

NEA is coordinated by AfriCGE as the African partner of a global movement for the new economy. One of our collective goals is to support 50 new economy initiatives over the coming 3 years. Find out how we plan to do this.

The NEA initiative is born at a time when the fastest growing economies are located in Africa, and where foreign investor sentiments are very optimistic. It’s therefore an opportune time for Africa to set itself on a development trajectory that will ultimately address the root causes of poverty, conflict and inequality.

We don’t know what an alternative development pathway looks like, but we do know that there are practices on the ground that are bravely charting new courses. And people with great ideas who would like to share their stories and experiences in the hope that such innovative thinking and doing might gain traction and become mainstream.

The goal of NEA is to be an agent of change, a community where stories are heard, ideas are nurtured and action is stimulated.